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Gates with entrance doors

We have the solution!

For the entrance of your house, we integrate a full-fledged entry door in one of the gate’s modules.

The possibility to open the entry-area partially sets a new standard that is also electronically controllable. This gives you all possibilities of usage and the safe passage of humans as well as animals is ensured without opening the whole gate.

The vertical modules of the gates have a width up to 1.100 mm (~ 3,6 ft, ~ 43,3 in) and offer a broad spectrum of possible designs for a personal look. Elements of glass enlarge the scope of composition.

Entrance gate XXL – type AR – with aluminum frames

The type AR gives the opportunity to select between different designs and technical specifications, so that all wishes can be fulfilled. Change of colours (between frame and infill) and a selection of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, cladding panels etc. permit an individual style.

Entrance gate XXL – type Primus – with entry door

The economy model of our side sliding sectional doors integrates an entry door and consists of a aluminum door element and further panel elements. The drive, as the heart of our constructions, is always compact and solidly produced.

The panels allow the integration of design windows in every version. Various glass elements make the exterior view even more special and individualistic. With their compact construction wooden applikations ensure even the consistent look of heritage buildings.

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