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Hangar and Hall Doors

Hall Doors

When it comes to large entrances, it is always a question of opening as wide or as completely as possible. In addition to the well-known option of sliding gates, there is also a perfect and proven version: the HORIZONTAL DOOR – simply to the side and around the corner.

The door sections can be designed with the approved steel panels as well as light and very wide sections of up to 1,3 m in aluminum frame construction. This results in a very large opening width of up to 40 m (two-piece) and up to 6 m in height.

Hangar Doors

With our development of a very stable aluminum rail, we have the opportunity to build large and high-quality sliding gates for sports aircraft hangars. The ceiling remains completely free (nothing overhead), no springs or ropes, low maintenance costs, simple and easy to use, convenient partial opening for quick access with aluminum frame gate sections up to 1,1 m wide. The side sectional door is moved around the corner by hand or with drives and needs only a small side space.

The door sections are made of steel panels with a construction depth of 40 mm and a width of approximately 610 mm or of very wide gate elements of aluminum frames with sheet metal filling or glass.


Sliding gates with the special and strong drive made of aluminum are available running inside and outside.

A special feature is the quick and easy assembly thanks to the pre-assembled components.

Inside running slide doors

Gate elements structure is assembled with panels made of steel with 40 mm polyurethane rigid foam core. In aluminum construction, the slide gate elements can be built up to a width of 1.590 mm.

The gate is fixed for space-saving transport and smooth installation. The premium track is prepared on a lintel profile with brackets and running rail for easy and quick installation. The roller carriages with ball bearing rollers are already mounted on the door elements.

Outside running slide doors

The gate elements structure is prepared with panels and aluminum frame as for the inside running slide door. The premium track is fixed with a lintel profile, brackets and running rail for outside installation.

The drive is equipped with a covering rain sheet. The roller carriages with ball bearing rollers are already mounted on the door elements.


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